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Selling `Off-Market` - is this right for you 05 March 2024

In the ever-changing market of real estate, the conventional practice of selling property through public listings isn"t the sole avenue available. An emerging trend of gaining traction among sellers is through the off-market approach. This offers a plethora of benefits for those seeking speed, convenience, and privacy in their property transactions; however, this method may not be suitable for everyone.... Read More

Independent vs. Corporate: Why Choose Ashdown Marks 26 February 2024

Have you ever thought about what an independent, local business such as ours can do for you?

Here at Ashdown Marks, we have a high standard for property professionalism. As an independent estate agency, we do not chase targets but serve our clients to deliver the best result.... Read More

5 Tips to Prepare Your Property This Winter 19 December 2023

5 Tips for preparing your property this Winter and over the Festive Period

1. Radiators
To ensure your radiators are working properly, turn the heating up for an hour and check if they have warmed up correctly. If they feel cold or fail to heat up at the top, it"s best to bleed the radiator using a bleeding key to release excess air.... Read More

Lettings: Autumn Update 19 October 2023

As we head into darker nights and the chill in the air that Autumn brings. The lettings market shows no such chill and is as hot as ever. Throughout 2023 we have seen the same pattern as 2022, low stock levels equalling the continued rise in rents across Prime Central London.... Read More

Lettings: Summer Update 31 August 2022

The end of Q2 2022 has seen a continuation of the rental machine in Central London. With stock levels being low (albeit slightly improved from Q1) and high demand from applicants, Tenant"s frustration can be seen as they feel their only option is to pay over the asking prices in order to secure a property.... Read More

Levelling up? June 22 Update 22 June 2022

Proposed Renters Reform Bill – Levelling the playing field?

We are only half way through the year and already 2022 will certainly be remembered as a year that has affected us all.
The cost of living is spiralling ever upwards with no signs of stopping.... Read More

Spring Market Update 2022 25 April 2022

Spring has sprung, the daffodils have been and gone signalling the first quarter of 2022 is in the rear-view mirror – "what a difficult market!" are the cries heard from those looking for rental properties.

The lettings market has seen a 64.... Read More

Q & A: With Martin Millard 28 February 2022

Ashdown Marks wanted to sit down with Hasker Street"s resident artist to conduct a very brief Question and Answer session about the area.

Martin specialises in drawing buildings in London and has always been attracted to London"s historical architecture.... Read More

New Year Market Update 26 January 2022

2022 rang in in style at the beginning of the month, with the first crowds and parties being held for quite some time and with this, Prime Central London"s lettings market painting an all too familiar picture to that of 2021.

Reduction of stock levels and pent-up demand has inevitably triggered an increase in asking rents.... Read More

Lettings Market Christmas Update 2021 24 November 2021

No lockdowns; Fewer restrictions; A busier market. These have been the three most discussed phrases within the lettings industry over the last 3 months.

Covid has, without any surprise, been a total game changer for the lettings market. The beginning of September has seen London now fully re-open, students back and with young professionals flooding the City once again, there has been an unexpected surge in demand for rental properties.... Read More

Autumn Lettings Market Update 16 September 2021

As we are all acutely aware, Covid has had an enormous impact on the market in Central London and at the peak of the pandemic we were seeing some rents being agreed between 20%-25% below the asking prices. With asset prices dropping and a surplus of stock, tenants were able to reduce their expenditure on rent by moving as landlords were desperate to have a smaller rental income rather than nothing at all.... Read More

The secrets of downsizing seamlessly to your new home 01 December 2020

Are you starting to feel like you"re rattling around in a house that"s too big for you? Is it consuming much more of your time, effort and money than you want it to? Do you have your heart set on being closer to family? Have you always dreamed of that coastal hideaway or a chocolate box cottage in the countryside?

Now is the time to move on to the next chapter in your life.... Read More