Cadogan Square, along with Pont Street and Lennox Gardens, was part of one of the first major 19th century developments in London, carried out by the Cadogan and Hans Place Estate Ltd which was registered in 1875. These new developments included and tended to favour red brick rather than stucco.

The square was built between 1877 and 1888 and is formed of a central garden, containing the elegant bronze Dancer with a Bird by David Wynne (1975), surrounded by red brick houses, the majority of which have been converted into flats.

The north and east sides were constructed by Trollope and Sons, with G.T. Robinson as architect for a number of these properties. In the south-west corner lie three houses by Norman Shaw, No.s 62 (1882), 68 (1877) and 72 (1877). No.s 64, 66, 70 and 74 are the work of A.J Adams.

The west side exhibits the greatest variety of houses, all of them variations on the same Flemish-influenced style. No.s 50 and 52 were designed by Earnest George and Peto; with No.s 28 - 36 by George Devey. No.s 54 - 58 were designed by William Young in 1877 for Lord Cadogan himself, while the south side was built between 1879 -85 by J.J. Stevenson